About Us

Bridging the gap between development and market

CSI Research is a leader in clinical research for areas such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and chronic pain, to name just a few. We draw on a wealth of experience that comes from years of clinical practice. The development of pharmaceutical therapies in these areas provides unique challenges requiring a depth of knowledge and experience throughout the project team. CSI is that team.

CSI’s Principal Investigators are supported by experienced, degreed clinical research nurses and coordinators. Attention to detail and care for our patients produces high rates of patient recruitment, retention and data quality.

CSI consistently meets and exceeds enrollment goals necessary for successful trials by drawing from existing patient databases and Atlanta’s population of over almost 4 million people. To achieve enrollment goals, we utilize physician referrals, print, radio and internet advertising, patient call centers and newsletters.

Our sites also:
  • Utilizes a central IRB(s)
  • Meet HIPPA compliance requirements
  • Excel in EDC and subject diaries
  • Provide rapid start up from regulatory packet to IRB to first patient, first visit
  • Demonstrate expertise with IVRS